Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hi again.. so why have'nt I been blogging?! We suddenly decided to go on a few days cartrip around here in Finland. We had a great time. Of course I had to take something with me to keep my hands busy while we sat in the car. So collected some old yarns and leftovers and the hook with me. Not again sure what it's going to be, will see :D

On the way we went to a lovely park with animals. Pikku Kili.
We had so good time walking around there. Little E liked it so much and he was happy to feed the animals with grass :)

Then we also visited the two monasterys in Finland. Lintula where lives nun's and Valamo for the monk's. It was so interested to have a look in their church and other places.
So after spending most of my break from work here at home it was nice to come out and see something else too.


Nina said...

Flere som har hatt en liten ferietur:) Jeg må også ha med meg noe å drive med i bilen av hobbysaker!! Spennende å se hva det skal bli:)

Sandra said...

what a great countryside!