Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In the morning we had about -18 degrees. Lovely sunny winterday. Then it turned to foggy and after a while we got snow. So a weather mix up :D

Have had a day off and it's been just what I needed after all working :) Feels like I have'nt done much...Had some relaxing time. Did write three letters, did knit a bit and then dyed some yarn. Been playing and watching Pingu with little E.
The yarn is Novita Nalle.
Don't quite like the darker colour. Looks more like grey. Thought it would have been purple or lilac. (on the photo they look even darker than they are )
But hope it turns out nice when I knit with it...when I come up with what to knit :P
Did order some more kool aid so I soon can make some more dyings :D

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