Monday, November 13, 2006

We had Fathersday here yesterday. My dad and mum came over to us for coffee coz' hubby and dad had planed to work on the rooms upstairs. We had a good day and so yummyyy good cakes with the coffee + other things.

Gave my dad the same as usual ( ha..ha...ok, not the same every year but almost ;) ). Razorblades, shaving creme, deodorant, some sweets and a magazine with crosswords puzzles. And like always he sayd 'you did'nt have to buy me anything'..and he liked the things ;D

Little E had mad a cute present in the kindergarten. A bookmark and a handprint..aawwww :)

I also bought hubby a pressie from me and E. Like a wink.. that we soon would like to have our sauna ready..hih, hih :D !!

KATI : Kehyksii olen löytänyt netistä. Sellannu sivuja mis on ilmaisii kuvakehyksiä ja joillakin on sellaisii ohjelmii et kehyksiä voi kokeilla ym ;) Ei muutakun googleen haku free photo frames, boarders ja sellast :)


Diana said...

The bookmark and handprint are too cute! And the desserts are to die for.

Kati_Felttis said...

pitänee yrittää...kuin osaan...laittaa ne sit...hmmm