Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Now I got the baby socks took me longer than i thought ;) Have had other things on my mind. ( other things = other knittings ;) hih..)
And today I got an order for another pair of baby socks so have to look for a yarn. Think I have some nice lilac I could use :)
And here is the small set with mittens and socks. Ready to post so hope it's going to be a nice surprise for both mum and baby ;) Would like to knit a cap but have so little of the yarn going to plan something else for her.

Went to the bobbing lace class.. Did'nt go so :D First I needed more bobbins to continue on the lace and of course I forgot them at home. Ok.. so a lady did loan some of her bobbins. Then I noticed I have'nt got enough of the thread either..grrr..So could not continue :(
But hope that the teacher gets more thread til next time and I can get on with the lace. Did also order other threads for some small laces I have in plans ;)

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