Thursday, November 30, 2006

On yesterdays bobbin lace class I started on a new desing and I like it much. Did also continue on it when I came home :)
My friend Debbie sent me a Tigger & Roo 3D christmas card. So cute. And the other one is from my secret stithcer in the card exchange I'm in. THANKS!!

So at new books. Wogue knitting Shawls ( don't have the same front like it was on the book I ordered but same name so I guess they just changed the front picture) and Neulojan Käsikirja with lots of different types of knitting models..yeiiiii :D
Hope to get all the wip's ready now so I can start something new..or...I did already start on some socks today ;) But it's going to be a fast project I hope.

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