Saturday, November 18, 2006

Had a great day with my friend at the craft show. Went in the morning and came home a while ago :D
Did some shoppings, and would have loved to buy so much more..ha-ha..Like always.
So much inspiration and ideas I got from the show too.

My shoppings:

Novita Aino and Huopanen yarn
On Line yarn
Felted flowers
Reflector thread ( not sure about the right word for it ;) )
Gold thread for bobbin lace
Coloured wool

In a shop there near I found this bracelet and fell in love with it right away coz' the glass pearls are just my colours. Light pinc, lilac.

And from the show I got the picture of this beautiful angel. And bought the frame from a shop.

Already made a plan that we are going next year again :)
I think I must start to save money already lol ;)

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