Friday, January 20, 2012

Sweater update 2

Coz' I have been knitting on wrist warmers, mitten and socks I have'nt got so much done on son's sweater. Just got to the place where I thought I must cast off for the sleeves. Started to read the pattern and what do I notice??! That there is'nt going to be any holes for the sleeves yet!! I must cut up the plase for them later. OMG!!! I have never cut in something I have knit!
But decided I'm going to try I'll continue knitting.. 
And next time I must read all pattern careful before starting...uupsss :o)

We have got so much snow the last few days. And I'm so waiting til spring. Now we have lot's of work outside to shovel the snow..grrrr!
But the kids are happy to play in the maybe it can stay for a while then ;)

Have a good weekend!!

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sandra said...

Loe the fair isla on the bottom! Once I cut the seam side of my vest just becuse I made it uneven - and that was my only time! Though fair isla knitting is very "encountered" with cutting!