Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Today I have been shopping some yarn. Was suppose to buy only a few yarnballs, but came home with much more.
All so lovely yarns.
Drops Karisma (16 ball's) Have plans to knit a sweater for my son.
Järbo Garn Raggi (1 ball) Socks
Regia (2 ball's) Socks or cap
Drops Eskimo (3 ball's) Slippers
Novita Kide (3 ball's) Scarf
Now let's see how many of these projects will be ready some day. Coz' I'm so good at planing things but then start something new, I have lot's of halfdone projects..
Let's hope for the best with these ;)


Madeleine said...

Man kan aldrig köpa bara lite garn! :D

markkfinn said...

If Use your decoupage medium to adhere the craft paper to the recipe box.

Midwest Scrapbook

Madeleine said...

Roligt att du gillar boleron! :) Jajemen, den finns för 1 år (i det mönstret är det bara att använda tjockare garn och stickor)