Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No one

A bit embarrassed and disappointed to see that no one wanted to join in my Easter craft show and add the linkt to their craft site, blog.
Does this mean my site is so lousy?! If it is , so let it be then ;)
I'll keep on crafting.
Wish you a good week!!


Iryl said...

I like your blog, but this easter I've been sitting in the sun instead of in front of the computer, and didn't see this post before now :-)

Probably the same with your other readers :-)

Madeleine said...

Roligt att du gillade sjalen! :) Växten i fönstret är en vandrande jude - ovansidan på bladen är grön, och undersidan lila. Jättevacker i solen, och jättelätt att plocka skott av och föröka :)

huana said...

I just foun your blog and I like it! Craf on and see you next Easter craft show!