Sunday, August 01, 2010


When other peoples go sale shopping for clothes I shop yarns that's on :o)
These I bought ready for some socks til winter. Would like to start them already but coz' it's been so warm my heands feels so sweaty knitting with wool.
Have been crocheting and that's just perfect in the hot summerweather.

And here's a picture of two dishcloths I made earlier.
Now I try not to knit any more dishcloths..haa..haa.. But it's so simple ;)

Later it's going to be an evening with some crochet and tv, but first it's time for a sauna..
Have a nice evening!
Mukavaa iltaa!
Trevlig kväll!


Sandra said...

I love sock yarns! There are none in Croatia, but luckily Slovenia is 20 minutes away and my need for such yarn is fulfilled!

Pixi said...

Ja så är det här med ,garn går först !hehe..=)