Saturday, August 14, 2010

New blogfriends

Would like to say that it's nice that new blogfriends have found my blog.
It's fun visiting your blogs too and see what you do and find inspiration.
Thanks for writing something and welcome back again...both 'old' and new friends!!
At the moment my camera is'nt working so can't take pictures :(
Have been crocheting and knitting.
But now off to bed..


Dana Ward said...

I am pretty new to blogging, and I enjoyed looking at yours! I am into crafting, furniture makeovers, and anything that I can revamp! Keep up the good work!

MiA said...

Hej Marita!
Förlåt att jag inte svarat... jag bara spinner och spinner och spinner *s*

Tack för dina rara kommentarer! Jodå, jag kommer absolut ha garn till salu - relativt snart hoppas jag. Både batikfärgade bomullsgarner och handspunna ullgarner kommer finnas i min etsy shop. Jag hojtar till när det blir aktuellt :))

Hoppas du haft en riktigt skön helg!

Bryndís said...

Thank you for your nice comment on my new blog :) I love visiting your blog and see what you have been crocheting :)