Sunday, October 05, 2008

More socks and yarn

Went to the yarnshop again. They have only open a few more weeks, so I had to get some yarn for socks and other projects. Not sure what to knit with the alpaca, but I love it coz' it's so soft :)

For these Super baby's knee highs I did use Fabel yarn. Had big problems with the heel that's on the pattern, but got some help and at last I got it right. But I did'nt like the way they turned out so made the heel I always do :P Now I like them more lol :D

And some socks with stripes. Size 38-39.Yarn Maija. Fast and easy to knit with this yarn. That's why I bought some more of it ;)

Here's a pic of a falldecoration I made the other day. Simple and colourful, just the way I wanted it.

And yet another pair :D Got these babysocks ready last night. Pattern from Drops .
The yarn I have dyed a long time ago.
Have a good week!!


hobbyentusiast said...

Så nydelig krans. Sokkene var i herlige farger, spesielt de kne sokkene... :) Ha en flott høstuke du og. Elsker høsten, spesielt på solfylte dager.

Ala said...

You socks looks great! What colours! i love tehm.I have to knit some socks too.