Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hi again... so where did I go on friday. Yes, to the craft show in Tampere. My friend and I had so great time. I love shows like that..lots of stuffs to look at, new ideas and inspiration :)
Did buy yarn, some crafty things like beads and metallic thread. etc.

Maybe you already know that I love angels. Found two new to my 'collection'. The one with the heart is so tiny that I'm holding it on my finger on the photo.

And at last something knitted to show you. Something in pink again ;)
Not sure if it's a shawl or a scarf, all up to the one who wears it :) Used the yarns Kitten Mohair and Chili. Needles 7 and hook 5 ( if I remember right)
Size 125 x 55 cm. My own simple pattern.


Sandra said...

Scarf or shawl - who cares - it is pretty and cozy no matter how you call it!

Käranån said...

Hade gärna åkt till T:fors men jag arb. natt över helgen. Fina garner, o änglarna är så söta. Jag har oxå apelsin o citron tygtryck i min gömmor som jag köpte på mässan för 2 år sen..Shalen är jättefin, varma färger.

Carrie said...

Cute angels!!

I like the colors for your scarf/shawl.