Monday, November 12, 2007

Everything was fine when I went upstairs last night. Sat watching tv and knitting. Then suddenly I started to feel pain up in my back and chest.
On the night it got worse. Could not take deep breaths either :(
So today I went to see the doctor. Nothing serious she sayd, just some infection in muscles or something. Felt more like she was thinking I went there for no reason.
I'm not feeling any better tonight either :( Just hope the pain goes away soon.

So when I was near the yarnshop I had to go in just coz' I needed some pink kitten... eeehhh uupppsss...think I got a little more home with me than the pink one..Lol :D

Yes I'm still into pink.
Here's a pic of what I have on the needles now.


Käranån said...

Fina färger på garnen...känner igen detdär med att bara köpa det man måste ha, men plötsligt har man massor med "måste ha" med sig ur butiken. Hoppas du blir bättre, kanske du ska vila med stickningen..annars ska du gå till läkaren igen!! Man sitter ju inte där för skojs skull precis...Ha det bra!

Iryl said...

Hi! Hope you're feeling better now - but if not, I strongly urge you to go to another doctor to get a second opionion. Have them also check your heart. Probably noting serious, but you know your body far better than any doctor. *hugs*

Sandra said...

Chest pain here also! ANd it happened just when I went out with friend to have dinner! Damn! But way too lazy to go to see my doctor!

Hope you are OK now!