Thursday, October 12, 2006

NOVITA came today. I always like to get post :D Like before there is some designs that are similar to others from earlier magazines. But I also found some nice things I this lovely white jumper...
I'm not sure if I would knit it in white but I like the design.

And this little girl wears such lovely Christmas dress. If I can figure out how to knit a smaller one (on the pattern the size is 74-110cm and I need one in about 60 cm or smaller ;) ) I would like to fit it in on my 'to knit' list before Christmas like a surprise for someone special ;)

In a few other blogs I did see that they did'nt like this cap..I must be different to others then coz' I like So watch out might have to wear one like this next winter. And I want one too !!

But this one is yak, yak..blaaahhhh!! Horrible.. rasta cap... Would anyone wear this..hmmm?!

Other lovely things too but more about them if I decide to knit something.

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