Sunday, October 15, 2006

Although I have been knitting lately I have'nt got anything ready. Think I have too much projects on the always.
4 projects I wan't to get ready..but the progress on them is so slow.
I hope I get the real knitbug again now when it seems like we are over with the cold and earinfection. And I have'nt been coughing much today either ;) So fingers crossed that we are getting well now!!!

Thought I post some pictures now when hubby and dad has started to work upstairs and make the rooms ready. But this one here is from outside on the balcony. Still some work to do there too, but it's going to be left til next spring and summer.

And here they have got ready the inner roof in the room I have plans for ;) Or what would you say..don't you think all my yarns, magazines, crafty things and lots more would fit in there so great!!

Upstairs is a bit messy at the moment.
They made the inner roofs ready in the two smaller rooms and in our bedroom :D What might be the next thing to start with ?!

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