Monday, May 29, 2006

Today I have been knitting and packing. Here you can see the knitting I started yesterday and then the white bag after it's felted. Did sew a flower and pearls on it :) It's lovely!

And a picture from inside of our house. I'm so excited about the move..not long now! But sadly we are'nt going to have internet for a loooong time..buuhuuu, at least a month is a long time to me..if it's not going to be even longer :( So can't blog so much then either, but I do get more time to knit and do other crafts.´And I sure have things to do both outside and inside the house.But a few days to go yet ;)


Line said...

Vesken din ble kjempesøt!Lykke til med flyttingen :0)

Majtessa said...

Wow, jag gillar verkligen dina väskor. Jättefin! Härligt med ett nytt hem. Önskar er lycka till med flytten!

Diana said...

Good luck on your move, and your house looks darling. Get that internet hooked up again so you can resume blogging!

By the way, the purse is lovely.

Dorthe J. - Esbjerg said...

Wow sikke en flot taske :-)