Thursday, March 30, 2006

Finally some quiet in the house and time for my tea..yummmmmm....
Made the little purse ready today. Started to crochet it a while ago but then lost the always..but now I have decided to get some old projects ready. When I started it I had not even done any plans what it's suppose to be..but this is what it turned out to. Nothing extra but maybe I'll use it for something ;)

Also done some cleaning in my cupboards and found these.. what shall I do with all the small ball of yarns??? ( know I have got more of them somewhere lol :) )
Ok..have already started on you'll have to wait to see what I came up with.. be continued ;)


halaisa said...

Oioioi jeg kunne ikke fokusere på garnrestene det eneste jeg så var det flotte dynetrekket med mumi og lille my på. Jeg elsker lille my!!!!!

halaisa said...

Takk for et koselig besø i bloggen din forresten