Tuesday, March 28, 2006

At last I got something ready..yippee ;) The white scarf I started some time ago. But coz' of the bad feeling and lost knit and blogmood not much have been on the go lately. Hope to find the inspiration again ;)
I also got the subscribers gift from 'Suuri Käsityölehti' . The book ' Lapsuusajan aarteet' is about old times toys and sewd stuffs etc. Quite nice. Have'nt been reading so much in it yet.
Also bought the 'Stitch'n Bitch' book. Think there are lots of simple stuffs I already knew from before, but hope to fins something in it that wil be interested!
AND then the scarf!!! Turned out fine.
And on the other pic is model Teddy with the scarf..lol..

I have also been thinking that my blog must'nt bee so interested coz' not many give any comments, replys etc...I wonder.. :( But I like my blog anyway :)


Kati said...

malli mitä mainioin huivilla =)

Marita said...

Malli on modalehdestä (just nyt en muista numeroo) Silmukkamäärää taisin muuttaa.