Sunday, January 01, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you who read my blog :)
Have been in knitty mood and got a few things ready. Made the legwarmers a few days ago.
Noticed that after using them one time they already look worn..but it's the way the yarn is. Just hope they don't turn out stretchy and burled :(
The wristwarmers (or what shall I call them ) I got ready today. And it feels so nice and warm to wear them :) Think I'll have to knit another pair with some different yarn.
Knitted these with Novita Hippy yarn
Needles nr 7
Patterns my own
And by the's not easy to take a pic of both your hands by yourself lol :o)


derea said...

Miten ihmeessä sä pystyit ottaa ite kuvan tolleen? :o

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