Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Decided that I'll start knitting ready some of the halfdone projects that I have. (and I sure have a few..)So made this jumper ready today. Only had the sleeves to sew and to knit the collar. The pattern is from an old Novita magazine and the yarn is 7 veljestä.

The cap is made with the pattern fromLauras blog Thanks! ;) It was fun trying out a new knitting tecnique.

Now I need to continue on some of the halfdone projects before I'll start a new one..

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Vicki said...

Marita why dont you join our UFO Sundays on the forum?
It's where every Sunday you pick an unfinished project, and try and do as much as you can of it inbetween anything else you're doing that day!
At the end of the evening you've hopefully spent at least a little bit of time on finishing one of your projects!