Thursday, December 15, 2005

So at last the present is ready and framed. Took me ages coz' it was so difficult and the first time I've put a stitching in a frame..not even sure how to do it but this has to be ok now..
Painted the frame and got the colour quite like the yarns colour ;)

I have been wondering what's the matter..I start new things ALL the time..Now this morning I started a new knitting..AGAIN..
Must be some :)
This time it's a top that I had in plan as a gift..but think I won't get it ready til Christmas anyway. This year I have'nt got Christmas mood and that's why all the handmade presents are still undone. But I can start early for next year..haa..haaa :)
So at the moment I have a few knittings on the go..AND I TRY NOT TO start ANY new ones!!!!! At least before I get one ready ;)

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