Monday, December 19, 2005

I got a lovely present from my friend Sabine today =) Could not keep it til Christmas, had to open it right away. And I got these charms!! They are soooooo nice. So now I need to start stitching again so I can add them into the design. Just that the stitchbugg's been lost for a while ..but maybe it will come back now =) Thank you!!!!


Noo said...

Hi Marita!

Secret Pal Seven is a gift exchange which you can sign up for at

The organisers will select someone for you to send gifts to anonymously. Someone will also be selected to send you gifts anonymously.

You must be prepared to spend 50 US dollars and to send the gift or gifts over a period of 3 months.

You must also post answers to a questionnaire (available at the SP7 website) on your blog, and also post about what you receive.

It's very good fun and a nice way to make friends across the world!

Vicki said...

Sabines so lovely isnt she?!