Monday, February 20, 2012

My new scarf!

I fell in love with this yarn, Novita Kide, and decided I want to make something for myself.
Did knit a scarf!
This sparkling yarn with crystals reminds me of ice and frosty wintertime.

The last days we have got so much snow. Have had lot's of work to shovel, and now they say it's going to snow soon again.
Yes I like snow..but this winter I have'nt been in the snowmood at all...
I wait for Spring!!!


Livet på Vestergård said...

Vilket vackert garn, det påminner faktiskt om gnistrande snö!
Kram Kicki

Louise said...

Marita, your knitting it beautiful!
Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your comment meant the world to me.
Thank you.
Have a blessed day!

Inspiration i vitt said...

Jätte jättefint. Kram på dig/Ingela.

sandra said...

First time I saw your scarf on needles I thought it was a huge wrap! hehe!
Love hot it turned out!