Sunday, July 24, 2011

back home..

We are home from our trip. Had so nice time away in Sweden. 8 nights..went so fast. Nice things to see and do. Did drive on the counrtyside and all was lovely and neat..but we didn't have so good luck with the weather..rain and a bit cold.
And while we sat in the car I did crochet coasters. When I have fasten threads I post picture.

 Made these pennant flags a while ago. And now they are up in our baby girls room.
They turn out a bit curly in the end but hope they will straighten now when they are up. More to come, coz' I have crochet more of these flags.

 And here's some new coasters in pastel colours. Soft and nice. Also made them in other colours.


Saritha said...

Lovely colours in the bunting!!! They are sure to brighten up the room. Looking forward to see pics of Sweden!!

sandra said...

this is gorgeous! all! Love bunting! And those coasters would bee great for room decoration!

Madeleine said...

Superfina glasunderlägg, och vimplarna också! :D