Friday, February 04, 2011

Card and yarn

 A quick card for my son. lots of stickers ;)

Got some ideas for new projects and of course I need yarn for it..You see I have so, so little yarn...not!
Alpaca, bambu and some soft baby yarn.
Firs yarnshopping this year..


Sandra said...

Card is too cute! fire chief, surprise, surprise!
But yarn ... though I buy at least a skein per week - I always like to stare into someone else's purchase!

bikim said...

Morning Marita!
glad you liked my candleholders! i guess you can try and do them with baby food bottles, but i tried and didn't like the result so much! maybe your's are different! i did it with glass jars i bought at a crafts shop as well as the chicken wire. i found out that normal chicken wire doesn't work that well because you need to cut it and then it's too sharp.
Anyway, can't wait to see how your's will come out! and if you need any help, just say so!
happy day!