Sunday, October 17, 2010


Another pair of baby socks. For a little boy.
Knitted with Maija yarn.
Yes..I feel like a sock-knitting-machine..haahaa..But this is the thing I can ;)
And I love knitting socks!

Made a card yesterday. Some papers, paperflowers, picture and lace.

Have a crafty sunday!!


Anonymous said...

there is nothing like making a pair of socks :) I love crocheting socks, that is my favorite, then I love doing hats :)

SUADDA said...

Vad kul att du vill vara med i utlottningen!
2 lotter till dig! =)

Men oj, vilken fin blogg du har! Och vad mycket fina saker du gjort!
Hit kommer jag fler gånger! =)