Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby girl!

The latest project here is a little baby girl!
Born on friday 24.9.
So maybe it's going to be a bit less knittings for a while ;)
But have already soooo many new ideas of things I want to make. And so many projects halfdone like always ;)


Erica said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! And what a lovely finished project she is :-)

I hope you are feeling well. Enjoy your newest blessing!

Jeanette said...


Shirley said...

Oh wow. Isn't she sweet. Congratulations!

Mrs. Pollymoggle said...

Could she be any sweeter!? How precious. And completely finished. ;-) Congratulations!

Sandra said...

OMG! This is incredible! She is adorable! SUch a blessing!!!!!!