Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crochet and yarn

Hi there!
Things are ok with me, although I have got the cold at the moment.
Have started to crochet a blanket in granny squares. The first one is going to be in blue colours and have also planed one in pink. Going to be for our baby.
Not sure if I'll get it reday in time to september, but let's see..

Would like to make the other blanket in a different style, any ideas?

Because I needed more yarn for the blue blanket I also got the pink ones at the same time.
So lovely colours. Mandarin petit.

Have a good day!!


Sandra said...

I do love your coloure choice! That baby is gonna be cozy wrapped in blankie!

Anna said...

fina färger, hoppas du hinner klart! :)

lycka till med bebis :)