Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Now I have them ready..jippieee...tree so far, but have in plans to knit more of them.
I love them!!!
All knitted in Elfin. So soft and warm.

The grey one is 23 x 160 cm.
Green one is 27 x 140 cm.
Red one is also 23 x 160 cm.

Have had these knittings with me almost everywhere this summer ;)
And now I'm in love.. But have already started many new things. Think I start something new almost every :D


Sandra said...

The same pattern yout all three? WOW, you must be in love with F&F stitches. Scarves look so softy and cozy and I am sure your neck will enjoy them during cold season!

Barbara said...

They look very nice :)

hobbyentusiast said...

Nydelige skjerf. Ser skikkelig deilig og myke ut. Blir nok gode å ha i høst og vinter.
Ønsker deg en god Helg:D