Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A friend at work asked me if I can make her two ponchos. Sure I can.
And here is a picture of one of them. Made it ready a while ago. She has'nt seen it yet, so I hope she will like it.
It's crochet in Novita Bambu. And pattern from Novita magazine summer 2009. I made some changes to the pattern.
Only problem is that this yarn will fray easily so I had to tie a knot on every fringe. It did take me ages to tie the knots, but I'm glad I did it coz' it wouldn't look nice if it starts to fray I'm sure..
This was an easy project.
Have some new things to show you soon, only a few loose ends to fasten first.


Barbara said...

Hi Marita, what a beautiful poncho :) I have got a total lack of talent when it comes to such things *lol*

Anna-Lena, Drömmar av silver said...

Vilken vacker poncho! Du är verkligen duktig! Kram Anna-Lena