Friday, March 20, 2009

A bit wintry and cold today, but I have the feeling of spring and easter.
Need to start doing some easter cards too. And sew some decorations. Have got a halfmade bunny that's waiting to be ready.
Then I would like to crochet something too.
Have a good weekend. I have quite much work the coming days so let's see if I get anything else done.


Sandra said...

Spring is coming and just few hours ago while I was taking shower I realised there were snowing outside! Boy, such a moody weather!
Good luck with all those projects!

NaNa said...

what r u going to do during Easter time? having another project~~?

hobbyentusiast said...

Deilig med våren som kommer :) Men i går snødde det hele dagen og la seg et nytt lag med snø på bakken;( Håper solen nok en gang kommer og smelter det bort. Ha en fin helg:)