Monday, February 02, 2009

I'm so disappointed in the Arabella yarn I bought. It looks nice with different threads. But they are only tied together with knots and it looks awful when I knit it..grrrrrr.... Nothing I like :(

And here are the caps..what shall I knit with the yarn..any ideas?!
Seems like I'm having bad luck with the knittings at the moment.
So started sewing last evening :) And while I was sewing 'little E' was cutting and crafting too. He did two pictures for grandma and grandpa. I think they look so cute!! The pink is grandma and green grandpa.
E was so proud of his pic's. He loves to cut and glue.


Sandra said...

sorry to feel your disappointment - happened sometimes! Like me and mohair - love only from far away. but when we colide - boy total disaster!

sol said...

Det er trist med garn som skuffer - håper du er heldigere neste gang.