Friday, July 25, 2008

Posting some pictures of the things I have done lately.

4 caps knitted in the yarn Mandarin Petit. One of my favourite knitprojects to do. And they are so cute :D

Another favourite. Can't remember how many times I have crochet this design. So simple but nice.
It's 28 cm in diameter.

This is a little purse/bag to put my mobilephone in :P Did sew the picture sometime in the winter and did'nt know what to do with it, but now I found a plase to put it on. Great! Did also use a little lace and ribbons.

And here is the project I did talk about earlier. It's a decoration for 'little E's ' room. On the other side of the flags I have crochet the letter of his name. The flags are 17x23 cm.


Sandra said...

Hi, honey! Love those Mandarin hats. will consider something like that for my kids this winter!

And Garland - great! I wanna colourefull one for my future craft room!

tyo said...

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tyo said...

Info about carving craft

Anna-Lena, Drömmar av silver said...

Vilken fina vimplar. Har kikat på flera av dina alster och du gör så fina saker!!! Kram igen från Anna-Lena