Thursday, February 21, 2008

A while ago I planed to take part in the Tilda exposition at Tammi book company. And last evening I got the sewings ready. Made mittens and a hat, my snowflake-set :D Decorated with crochet snowflakes. Talk about last minute sewings, coz' the last day to be at Tammi is tomorrow :P

My friend Kati and I had a little fabric swap and I got some lovely things from her. Fabrics, buttons and a picture. Thank you Kati!


Sandra said...

Love, like adore those crocheted showflakes! Go great with that icey blue coloure!

Hope that means mood is back!

SherryBee said...

Oh My Gosh!!!
I just love your lil hat & mittens set with the crocheted snowflakes!!!
I love the picture, too! LOL
You are awesome!