Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well..hi again..
Have'nt been in the mood for much lately and I'm feeling so, so tired all the time. Today I'm home with little E who has an eyeinfection. And we did have a few hour nap....still tired :(
Have now been working for about 3 weeks at the new job...and yet I'm not sure what to do.. continue or go back to old. Just getting more confused and life seems like a mess sometimes :(
Here at home I have'nt had much time or inspiration to do anything. And this morning it looked like on the photo :P Just been putting in dirty clothes and getting clean out..but noone puts it in the wardrobes.. Now it's all under control and tidy :)

Have got a few things ready to show you.

Crochetted slippers. Done with hook nr 8 and yarn 7 Veljestä Isoveli. Did use the yarn double.
Pattern from Drops design Made some small changes.
For decoration I put felt flowers and buttons.

Some simple socks. Size 41. Knitted with Novita's 7 Veljestä.
It's the pair a friend asked for a long time ago, so let's see if she's still interested in them ;)

The slippers and socks are for the sock knitalong.
And the best for :D Some nice treats just for ME !!!!!!!!
Sirdar Dune, Naturgarn no. 1 ( need it to get one project ready ;) ) and Novita yarns.

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