Sunday, December 10, 2006

Did bake some gingerbreads today.. It's some bought pastry. I don't like the taste of it so much, but wanted to try it :D
Would like to bake some with ownmade pastry soon ;)

When I was to the shop the other day I was just going to take a look at the yarns there..but somehow three yarnballs came home with me :D White and pink..lovely colours.
When I was going to take a pic little E came and wanted to play with the always. No wonder my yarns are in a big mess so often :P

And you can see I now found the right theme for my blog that I'm happy with. ( have been looking around, testing, etc ;) ) I also want to add my favourite song here with the lovely winter movie..Hope you like it.
It brings tears into my eyes.
Have seen it about hundreds of times since I was a little girl.. :)

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Simonetta said...

Very beautiful, indeed! And' very beautiful to remember himself our infancy!!!