Thursday, April 13, 2006

Last evening I thought I try to dye some fabric. It's now drying so have to wait til tomorrow and see how it looks like. Hope it's going to turn out fine!! Keep fingers crossed!!

Last week I saw my aunt when I was in the craftshop and mentioned to her that I like to sew. She sayd she can give me some of her old curtains and tablecloths to cut pieces from. And who knows what I come up with to sew of them ;) I like the fabrics..yippeeiii...

And when I was visiting my grandma today I mentioned I need some buttons ( know she got lots of them ), and while I was looking for some I like she sayd I can take them all :) Wow..great! (So if she needs some she can now come and ask from ;) ) She's so sweet!! Please notice the old pot they are in.. an old handcreampot..Going to treasure it and continue saving buttons in it like she did for many years!!!

A little knittings been done too..

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